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Our rental contract drafting and review services focus on terms in the contract that strengthen our clients’ rights and limit their liability.  We design our services to leverage the terms in the contract to effectively address the situations when a customer account falls into default, or a customer damage claim is made.

Above all, our experience equips us to identify and prepare for circumstances that can arise in the operation of an equipment rental business. As a result, we are able to perform a thorough review of the rental contract or lease agreement. We identify terms in the rental contract or lease that can be modified or included to: (1) strengthen our clients’ legal rights and remedies, (2) limit their liability exposure and risk, (3) facilitate the return of rented equipment, and (4) make the collection of doubtful receivables more efficient.

The Process:  Upon receipt of the rental contract or lease agreement, we review each term to ensure maximum legal effectiveness. When we complete our review, we prepare a legal memorandum with recommendations for discussion. The memorandum consists of an explanation of the laws that apply to the rental contract/lease agreement as a whole. Importantly, we provide an analysis of the laws that specifically apply to the terms that should be changed.  Once you approve  the recommended changes, we revise the contract/lease.

On-going Revisions:

Periodically, Mg O’Hare Law recommends additional changes to the rental contract/lease agreement based upon changes in the law. As a result, of our regular communication with our clients, we are able to make suggestions for rental contract drafting revisions. These revisions are based upon unexpected situations that arise in the day-day business operations of the client’s company. In other words, situations that were not previously anticipated nor addressed in the contract/lease. When we are alerted to these types of situations, we promptly revise the rental contract to ensure our client’s protection. As part of our rental contract drafting services, we create templates of forms, such as damage waivers, to save clients time and future legal fees, where applicable.

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