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Professional Mediation Services
Our professional mediation services consist of (1) serving as the third-party neutral mediator, and (2) providing advisory assistance to clients participating in the mediation process with another professional mediator.

Professional mediation services-Mediator

Marti G. O’Hare, is the founder and principal attorney of Mg O’Hare Law, The Business Dispute Clinic. A master mediator, former law professor and practicing attorney in New York City, Marti brings to the table a unique combination of experience, expertise and knowledge to the successful resolution of complex and high conflict disputes. Marti works with The Business Dispute Clinic’s clients to assess their conflict resolution needs, from a one-time or multi-session mediation to post-resolution facilitation to implement an agreement, or customized trainings, to ensure the success and cost-effectiveness of the services provided. She does the assessment, proposals and post-mediation evaluations for new and existing clients. Services are offered on an hourly or day rate; and on “as needed” or retainer basis.

Advisory Mediation Services

Marti also offers advisory mediation services to clients who participate in the mediation process where another mediator is presiding over the case. she provides clients with information about the mediation process, negotiation strategies and options for resolution to enhance their chances of success at the mediation table.

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