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Our customer retention services consist of strategies to increase revenues, enhance brand reputation and reduce costs.

Collections – Increase Revenues & Customer Retention
To achieve the goal of customer retention, we give each account personalize attention.  As a result, we are able to learn the circumstances that prevented the customer from making the rental payments.  We negotiate an installment agreement with the customer that consists of  acceptable amounts and timetables to you.  Thereafter, we become the account manager for that customer account. We monitor the account until all past-due rents are paid and the customer resumes regularly scheduled monthly rents.

The Process: Attorney-Client Relationship Every retainer agreement is tailored to meet the objectives and needs of each of our clients. Consequently, we discuss in great detail  (1) your goals for the customer retention services, and (2) the process of implementing our services.  Together, we create evaluation criteria to measure the success of our customer retention services.  In addition, we discuss how the transfer of the customer accounts will made to our law firm.  The specific steps involved in the transfer process are outlined in the retainer agreement. This allows us to refer to the agreement as a checklist and to create forms for each step which requires your approval.

The Process: Engaging the Customer
We begin our customer retention services by mailing a letter to the customer. We ask the customer for  the opportunity to discuss a mutually acceptable resolution.  Subsequently, we follow-up with telephone calls to engage the customer in negotiation. Once we agree on a proposal with the customer, we put it in writing. Thereafter, we provide you with a copy of the proposal to review and approve.  On a weekly basis, we provide you with status reports of all on-going negotiations in the customer accounts.   This allows us to regularly elicit your feedback and consent to the negotiation strategies we put in place with individual customers. Most importantly, we do not accept any payments from customers.  All payments are mailed or electronically transmitted by the customer directly to your company.


Damage Claims Resolution- Reduce Costs & Promote Brand
Claims made by customers of property damage caused by the rental equipment, are handled on a case by case basis. We evaluate each claim with you to determine whether we should become involved. In addition, we review the rental contract that was signed by the customer to identify the terms which may apply to the claim.  Most importantly, we discuss with you the potential costs entailed to resolve the claim. Among the things we discuss, is the impact the claim may have on your company’s brand and the goal of keeping the customer account. Together with you, we develop a negotiation plan to resolve the claim.  Damage claims resolutions services require  that we enter into a separate attorney-client agreement with you.

The Process: Problem-Solving Negotiation
With the claim information and account details in hand, we mail a letter of introduction to the customer.  Most importantly, our effort is to problem-solve the claim with the customer, not just to negotiate the lowest amount. Accordingly, we discuss a negotiation strategy with you. This allows us to confirm your objectives and directs our focus in the upcoming negotiation.  Thereafter, we negotiate the damage claim either with the customer or his attorney.  When a settlement agreement is reached, we put it in writing for your review and approval. In some instances we may also create release and waiver documents on a given claim. These documents are drafted to limit the your risk and to protect you from future claims.

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