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Collections Services Business ADR

We help small business owners and professionals to collect debts cost-effectively and efficiently.  With a focus on problem-solving negotiation and mediation, our collection services offer clients an alternative to traditional collections attorneys and agencies.

Collections Services – Contingency Fee & Direct Payments
All our collection services are based on a contingency fee agreement. There is no risk to our clients to engage our services. We only get paid, if you get paid. We do not deduct our fee prior to you getting paid. All collected amounts are mailed or electronically transmitted directly to our clients. We provide you with an invoice for the payment of our contingency fee AFTER confirmation from you that you are in receipt of the sum collected.

Collections Services – No minimum Dollar Amount
We do not require a minimum debt amount to provide our collections services. Many service providers will not agree to pursue the collection of a debt less than $100,000 due to the anticipated court and litigation costs to collect the debt.

Collections Services – Customer Retention-Added Value When the debt to be collected is from a business customer, our strategies often convert the account in default into a loyal customer of the business. Our problem-solving negotiation and mediation processes, often result in increased customer retention rates for our clients.

The Process: Engaging the Debtor
We begin our collections services by mailing a letter to the debtor. We ask the debtor for  the opportunity to discuss a mutually acceptable resolution.  Subsequently, we follow-up with telephone calls to engage him in negotiation. Once we agree on a proposal with the debtor, we put it in writing. Afterwards, we provide you with a copy of the proposal to review and approve. Most importantly, we do not accept any payments from the debtor.  All payments are mailed or electronically transmitted by the debtor directly to you.


The Process: Problem-Solving Negotiation
With the details of the collections matter in hand, we mail a letter of introduction to the debtor.  Most importantly, our effort is to problem-solve the claim with the debtor. Accordingly, we discuss a negotiation strategy with you which includes your target and minimum amounts the debtor should pay to resolve the collections matter with you. This allows us to confirm your objectives and directs our focus in the upcoming negotiation.  Thereafter, we negotiate the collections matter either with the debtor or his attorney.  When a settlement agreement is reached, we put it in writing for your review and approval. After you and the debtor sign the agreement, as written in the agreement, the debtor will directly transmits the payment(s) to you.

Marti is extremely effective at what she does. We are so pleased with not only her high level of professionalism but her commitment to getting results. She has affected our bottom line thus allowing us to streamline our workflow. Marti’s experience, impeccable communication skills, and commanding knowledge are a powerful combination that enable her triumph over intricate or tricky situations. We will without question continue to work with Marti as she’s been a great resource and an asset to our business.

– Al Arnold, President, AB Richards, Inc.

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