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Small Business Website Infographic

This is an infographic for creating or updating your small business website.  It is based on experience and research.  I hope it proves valuable to you. Customer Retention Infographic How to Gain a Competitive Edge in the Equipment Rental MarketAbout Us

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Customer Retention Infographic

This infographic displays the process to increase your customer retention rate. It is specific to equipment rental businesses. However the right side of the map is applicable to any business which relies on recurring monthly payments. Click to enlarge image. Customer Retention Services Competitive Edge About Marti Linkedin Profile

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2019-2024 US Equipment Rental Forecast

This is a summary of IBISWorld’s Industry Report-53249 “Industrial Equipment Rental and Leasing in the US. 2019-2024 US Industrial Equipment Rental forecast is 2.1% annualized growth over the next five years to 2024. Demand from the nonresidential construction, industrial and healthcare markets will support the continued growth. This industry rents a wide variety of products

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Know How Your Dispute Resolution Options Compare

  Business Disputes & Resolution Options No matter which type of dispute your company confronts, knowing your dispute resolution options is critical to cost-effectively and efficiently resolving your dispute. Disputes can be categorized under five headings: employee-management, employee-employee, business-customer/client, principal-principal and business-business. Fundamentally, there are four dispute resolution options: negotiation, mediation, litigation and arbitration. You

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How to Gain a Competitive Edge in the Equipment Rental Market

“Customer retention is often overlooked as a business strategy for success. For the New York equipment rental operator, it can be his ace in the hole.” Industry Outlook The equipment rental industry is expected to grow in the next five years. New York state’s market is forecast to experience double the national growth rate. It

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