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Business Dispute Clinic

The Business Dispute Clinic is a law firm with a focus on Alternative Dispute Resolution strategies that reduce costs, increase revenues, customer retention rates, and prevent future claims of small and mid-size businesses.

Our collections services are designed to increase your revenues and save you costs by achieving payment without engaging in litigation.

Our claims dispute resolution services are designed to settle claims early, quickly and cost-effectively. Designed specifically to reduce costs, our services help clients negotiate agreements that save legal fees, time and claim costs.

Our customer retention services convert accounts-in-default into revenue-generating accounts of loyal customers. We negotiate payment plans that promote customer retention and brand reputation.

Our professional mediation services provide clients with an efficient and cost-effective process as an alternative to litigation and arbitration. We have settled hundreds of cases and saved clients tens of thousands of dollars.

Our claims prevention and client protection services focus on the host of legal documents required to operate a successful business. Moreover, our objective is to review, revise and prepare business documents to limit our clients’ liability, strengthen their rights, and remedies under the law.

Marti is extremely effective at what she does. We are so pleased with not only her high level of professionalism but her commitment to getting results. She has affected our bottom line thus allowing us to streamline our workflow. Marti’s experience, impeccable communication skills, and commanding knowledge are a powerful combination that enable her triumph over intricate or tricky situations. We will without question continue to work with Marti as she’s been a great resource and an asset to our business

– Al Arnold, President, AB Richards, Inc.

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Our core Values

Creating value differently through process, perspective and perseverance.

Work is a big part of life. How we approach it makes the difference in what we can achieve.

Where more than one person is involved, the answer lies in meaningful communication.

Success is not one thing or a series of events.  It is a commitment to learning, growth and change.

Businesses rely upon relationships. Alternative dispute resolution processes support and promote those relationships.

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