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Mg O’Hare Law, The Business Dispute Clinic is a unique Law Firm.  We partner with small and mid-size New York equipment rental companies to reduce costs, increase revenues, and  customer retention rates.



The industrial equipment rental industry is forecast to grow over the next five years to 2023. Importantly, New York State promises to outpace its national counterparts, with an expected annualized rate of growth of 5.8%. Unique to the State’s market is the demand from the healthcare, entertainment and audiovisual sectors. Moreover, the anticipated increase in private non-residential construction will add to a robust demand for industrial equipment rentals. Partnering with our New York Law Firm may make the difference in gaining a competitive edge.

White paper
The Competitive Edge: New York State Industrial Equipment Rental Market Report
For Owners and Operators (Spring 2019)


Retention Services

Our services promote long-term relationships between our business clients and their customers. As a result, our clients experience  increases in their customer retention rates, revenues and growth. On the other hand, we tailor our damage claims resolution services to reduce costs. Mg O’Hare Law’s focus is to save clients money in court costs, legal fees and to enhance our client’s brand in the process. We pride ourselves in delivering measurable outcomes and exceeding expectations.

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Our core Values

Creating value differently through process, perspective and perseverance.

Work is a big part of life. How we approach it makes a difference in what we can achieve.

Where more than one person is involved, the answer lies in meaningful communication.

Success is not one thing or a series of events.  It is a commitment to learning, growth and change.

Businesses rely upon relationships. Alternative dispute resolution processes support and promote those relationships.