Creating Value Differently™


Mg O’Hare Law, The Business Dispute Clinic provides business alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services to small and mid-size companies. Our services are tailored to reduce costs, increase revenues, customer retention rates, and to prevent future claims.


ADR Services

We offer business owners and managers alternatives to resolving  claims, disputes, and collections without engaging in litigation and costly court battles. With thirty years of legal experience, negotiation expertise and professional mediation skills, our business ADR services are customized to each client and specific claim.  This enables us to help our clients achieve their objectives while providing them with cost-effective and efficient services. 


Retention Services

Our customer retention services promote long-term relationships between our business clients and their customers. As a result, our clients experience  increases in their customer retention rates, revenues and growth.  Mg O’Hare Law’s focus is to save clients money in court costs, legal fees and to enhance our client’s brand in the process. We pride ourselves in delivering measurable outcomes and exceeding expectations.

Mg O’Hare Law


Our core Values

Creating value differently through process, perspective and perseverance.

The effectiveness of each process is dependent upon meeting each party’s interests while creating a fair and acceptable agreement.

Parties in a dispute are capable of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement without the assistance of an arbiter or judge.
Alternative dispute resolution requires the parties’ confidence that engaging in the process outweighs the costs and delays that would be entailed in litigation.
Businesses rely upon relationships. Alternative dispute resolution processes support and promote those relationships while reducing costs and increasing profits.
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